Doing it?!

Doing It! Is a sex positive Relationship and Sex Education (RSE) programme for Teachers and the young people they work with. The package covers work and campaigns suitable for all years groups from 7-13 and is a complete package of training and resources to be used in secondary schools across Warwickshire.

Comprehensive RSE covers much more than merely a condom demo and a brief explanation of where babies come from; real sex education should be a full exploration of a person’s sexuality: who they are, how they feel, how their body works, their attitudes, values, behaviour, relationship and personal boundaries.

Doing It! is a blended learning Programme. This means that some of the work will be self-supported study online; combined with online tutorials; discussion groups and forums, as well as four short after school day face-to-face training sessions, bringing together professionals from different schools; plus a final aspect of in school teaching support. As you make your way through the programme new resources, fact sheets and activities you can use with young people will be made available to you.

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Doing it Autumn 2015