When I’ve been on training courses in the past I’d often get frustrated that I’m told all about the topic and why it is important, but then get back to the office and still feeling lost as to how to actually deliver the work for myself. That’s where we are different.

We have a wealth of experience of actually working face to face with young people, and we always make sure that with any training we deliver you leave, not only enthused with a greater understanding of the topic, but with a handful of tried and tested practical activities and ideas to use with the young people you work with. For us the whole point of training is that it can be used for the benefit of young people this is why we are not precious with our ideas and our time. We want to make sure that you feel confident and able to engage with young people.

All our training meets the Department of Health’s quality standards for Sexual Health training, and is based around our firm belief that engaging young people in frank, honest discussion and actively encouraging them to ask the questions that are on their minds we can give them the tools to make their own positive choices. By empowering young people we can help them avoid the dangers and stop them having sex for the sake of being cool or fitting in.
Indeed, many young people end up having sex because they think they should, not because they truly want to or are ready to. They enjoy the idea of sex, but do not have the self-confidence or knowledge to take control of their relationships and negotiate what they really want, or are ready for.

For us there is far more to comprehensive SRE or Sexuality education, than merely reproduction and risk. Instead, it should involve an unbiased exploration of attitudes and behaviours, done in a way that will prepare young people to negotiate their relationships and the confidence to draw their own boundaries.

We know that working with young people around sex and relationships can be scary. There is the embarrassment and uncertainty of what they may ask and the constant worry of what is or isn’t appropriate to tell various age groups. But I promise you it is worth the effort.

All our trainings are designed to be cost effective and can be tailor made to meet your particular needs, which is one of the main reasons why we encourage organisations to book closed in-house training for themselves, rather than only offering open training. This way the training can be honed to meet your specific needs.