A Shoulder to lean on – informal training and consultancy:

This is a completely underestimated area that has often been neglected. In my experience, workers relish and gain a lot from informal training and consultancy – a chance to sit with a cup of coffee, ask questions, look through resources and bounce ideas around that are relevant to their own particular group of young people and their needs.

Unfortunately, the majority do not have the money to pay for this as a formal service, and instead rely on the lure of biscuits and good will to cover the costs. This is a service we would hate to ever have to charge for, as we realise its value; equally however, we need to weigh up the cost of this time to us.

This service will always be offered as a matter of course to any professional who takes part in any of our training or that we work with in partnership on any projects, as a natural extension. However, if you have a question or want to be pointed in the right direction, get in touch – if we have the time and can help we will – plus any excuse to sit with a colleague over coffee to put the world to rights is always welcome.

So, feel free to get in touch…