Young People

Despite the fact that much of our work is focused on supporting professionals – we will never stop working face-to-face with young people. They are the reason we exist and we feel it is essential to ensure we stay honest to our cause, staying current with what life is like for teenagers today.

We are happy to work with young people around any issues relating to SRE, including attitudes to sex, relationships, abuse in relationships (domestic violence),HIV, STIs, sexuality, homophobic bullying, identity, contraception, anatomy, puberty, issues of consent, what to do when things go wrong, sexual health services, alcohol (and sex), risk taking, self-esteem, body image, and emotional wellbeing.

Indeed, much of our current work has been around working closely with small focus groups helping young people find their voice and have their say about how services and their local authorities support them around SRE. Our young people programmes not only prepare them for their role as peer educators or members of youth councils, but also makes them more confident and able to deal with their own sexual health, personal relationships and emotional wellbeing in a positive manner.

We understand how best to motivate young people and are able to keep them engaged during long-term projects. We have proven expertise in encouraging them to take control of their own ideas and the skills to help build their confidence over time, ensuring they are able to get their voices heard.

To find out more about our projects click here… Indeed, we have developed quite a reputation locally for our work in this capacity being nominated both in the Warwickshire Sexual health awards and also having one of our groups the YPPB nominated for the National Brook Sexual health awards.

We will always try to give you the best price we can, we think that everyone deserves the opportunity to have access to positive SRE, so speak to us and let us know what you have in mind.

As a guide we typically charge £250 for a full health day, based on a full day in one location delivering up to six sessions in one location (that includes travel & preparation).

For a single session we charge £50 based on a typical class size for an hour (but we do usually insist on a minimum spend of £100).