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Jonny Hunt

Going off the Rails

Comprehensive relationship & sex education (RSE) Consultant

How to talk to children & young people about sex & relationships

Out 24th September

As was the done thing during lock-down, I wrote a book – it was that or bake banana bread…

I am proud to announce the arrival my new baby…

Aimed at both parents & professionals (or anyone else who want to be able to talk to the children in their lives) to help them tackle some of the conversations we should be having about sex and relationship…

Here I will post updates of my work & ideas for using popular culture & media to engage young people in those difficult conversations… Find out about my research as I embark on my PhD; the occasional rant & some of the more interesting conversations with young people, parents & professionals.

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As an independent RSE consultant I work face-to-face with young people of all ages, delivering workshops & writing educational packages, as well as training professionals that work with them. I specialising in delivering inclusive RSE, with a sex-positive, exploring our attitudes & values to sex & relationships. 

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I am very lucky to have a job I truly love. I am privileged to be able to talk to young people & help to shape their views & expectations when it comes to relationships & sex…. Teenage sex is rarely perfect, but there is no reason why it should be something you have to get over; why can’t it be fun & empowering? 


get ready for statutory relationship education

Primary school Programme

Welcome to our new independent comprehensive primary programme: My feelings, friends & family.

The new programme includes a spiral curriculum of lessons that has been tightly aligned with the DfE learning objectives for Relationship education in an age appropriate and inclusive manner. 

As always with everything I offer – the programme comes with lots of support and guidance to ensure you feel confident to deliver the material, including: how to answer tricky questions, how much is too much, and engaging with parents.

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Training, resources, support, curriculum guidance


I offer a number of online, blended and face-to-face trainings and programmes.

All of my training is designed to help you to unpick your own values and attitudes around sex and relationship; to build your confidence to instigate conversations with young people; and to give you practical tools and activities to help you deliver your own sessions or build your own curriculum.

All of the work I deliver is based on a sex-positive, children’s right approach. I do not advocate shame or abstinence in any of my work. I only give practical messages to young people that will help them to navigate their relationships, ask questions, and seek help when things go wrong. My ethos has always aimed to open doors between young people and the safe adults around them. This involves changing the conversation and  our approach to challenging topics.

Sex Media: Tackling the issues raised by Pornography & TV.

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Bespoke courses designed specifically for your students

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Tackling issues around teen sexting: a whole school approach

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Follow along the journey

how to use contemporary media, Tv, news and social events to construct conversations & expore issues with young people.


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