RY: Foundation

As its title suggests, the foundation course introduces key concepts and practice that is essential to working with young people around RSE.

Talking about issues relating to relationship and sex can be challenging for professionals, especially if they have not received specialist training. Young people tend to choose who they want to talk to. As a professional, regardless of whether you believe you are the ‘right person’ to talk to – if you work with young people – you have a duty to at least be prepared to listen and to know where they can find the answers to their questions.

The Foundation training is the general introduction to working with young people around RSE.  It is designed to help participants unpack their own values, attitudes and experiences of RSE and consider how these may affect how they deliver particular messages. Participants will consider the importance of creating a safe environment for young people (and themselves), avoiding assumptions, and how to be inclusive.

The Foundation training provides professionals with informations around the law; young peoples rights – especially in terms of Fraser competencies; statistics; and details to sign-post young people to local and national services. We build a basic knowledge base around key topics and help professionals to build their confidence to tackle difficult conversations with young people – especially in terms of answering their questions.

To build professionals confidence in initiating conversations with young people in order to empower them to take control & make informed decisions about their sexuality & relationships freely and responsibly.

Participants will: 

  • Have had an opportunity to consider their own attitudes and values around young people’s relationships and sexuality; and how their attitudes might impact on their work.
  • understand what Comprehensive Sexuality Education looks like in real terms, and recognise the benefits of a Sex-Positive approach.
  • improve knowledge around the law, healthy relationships, consent and good practice
  • Be better able to initiate conversations with young people around sex & relationships, whilst also feeling more confident to answer their questions.
  • Be aware of the range of local sexual health resources and services and how to signpost to them

Consent – STIs – contraception – healthy and unhealthy relationships – relationship abuse – exploitation – the law: age of consent, access to sexual health services – inclusive LGBTQ+ – teenage pregnancy – anatomy and sexual responses – answering Questions 

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Difficulty: Foundation