RY:Avoiding the Oops!

This training builds on professionals basic knowledge around RSE.  Young people are often intimidated to access formal sexual health services, and are instead happier talking to the professionals they already have existing relationships with. This training enables professionals to  develop practical skills to deliver first contact interventions with the young people they work with, such as condom distribution, pregnancy testing or supporting them to access formal services.

We ensure professionals are aware of the details of the law around accessing emergency contraception, sexual health services, emergency contraception, abortion, young people’s rights and the Fraser guidelines. 

We work with professionals to see contacts as an opportunity for positive intervention – and make the most of these instances, for example: many young people ask for condoms in order to discuss wider issues – we discovered information around a number of the grooming gangs through young people accessing sexual health drop-in services. 

Contraception: LARCs, emergency, hormonal and permanent – STIs – sexual health services – abortion – the law – Fraser competencies – safe guarding – pregnancy testing – condom use – 

To enable non clinical staff to effectively support young people who have had unprotected sex by providing pregnancy testing and appropriate referrals in a non-clinical settings; encouraging them to access contraception and sexual health screening.

Participants will:

  • Have a greater knowledge of types of contraception and sexually transmitted infections.
  • Have a greater understanding of how best to support a young person emotionally following unprotected sex.
  • Learn how to distribute condoms according to Warwickshire’s Condom Distribution Protocol and be competent to carry out a pregnancy test for a young woman.
  • Have a greater understanding of some of the issues that might be affecting a young person seeking sexual health screening, a pregnancy test, or coping with a suspect pregnancy.
  • Have a greater understanding of the options open to a young woman following confirmation of a pregnancy.
  • Be aware of and understand relevant protocols and procedures

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