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Imagine a whole population of young people that understand consent; who understand that we are all different and have our own personal boundaries and can respect them. Young people, who can recognise what a healthy relationship should look like, and have the skills to manage them? Imagine whole schools of children who feel comfortable and confident in their own skin … who understand their bodies and know how they work. Children who can express their emotions safely and mange their behaviours….  Imagine a generation of young people that have the attitude that sex is something that is chosen and should be enjoyed rather than something that happens to them, something that is expected or a badge of honour to wear… imagine young people with the skills to manage technology safely and see it as a means to create and communicate, rather than abuse – an opportunity to ask for help when needed, to make friends, to support and socialise…

Imagine how much young people can achieve and learn if we remove the barriers that prevent from asking questions; how much safer they will be when we remove the taboo and judgement that goes hand in hand with silence… where young people can feel safe to be who they are regardless of their gender or sexuality… that is the power of comprehensive sex positive RSE.




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Youth Workers

Social Care

This is me:

Ok I don’t photograph well…

I have worked with children and young people my whole career. I am very lucky to have a job I truly love. I am privileged to be able to talk to young people and help to shape their views and expectations when it comes to sex and relationships. My ethos has always aimed to open doors between young people and the safe adults around them. This involves changing the conversation and our approach to challenging topics.

I love to explore the importance of language – the words we choose to use when it comes to sex are so important when it comes to shaping people’s attitudes and values around issues of RSE.


I offer various training packages for professionals. I am available to deliver bespoke in-house training for schools, colleges, University programmes, local authorities, charities, and organisations.

I also offer both my own face-to-face training and online programmes that you can book onto either as individuals or as an organisation. I cover all aspects of RSE, especially Sex & the Media, pornography and issues around sexting.

I regularly speak at conferences giving Keynotes or delivering interactive workshops.

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Young People

I work face-to-face with young people of all ages, from 4 years upwards. I deliver bespoke workshops and assemblies in both primary and secondary schools covering all aspects of RSE; colleges and Universities. I also deliver tailored small group work or one-to-one interventions for young people to tackle specific issues including SEND and HSB.

I specialise in gathering young people’s views through running Young People’s Project Boards for University research projects, or Public Health Interventions – ensuring young people have a say in the issues that matter to them.

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We’ve been doing this a long time

Going off the Rails

I became independent in 2010 – I have been doing this a very long time now. I have just celebrated our 10th Anniversary!

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