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It’s not only Banter Sexual Harassment in schools…

Previously appeared on May 2018

Following on from the review by the Women’s and Equality Committee, the Department for Education published guidance on best practice to help schools address the issue of sexual harassment.

The report highlight the fact that Schools still have a duty to act, even if incidents happen outside school are reported. And that most importantly school sites should be safe and equal places for all genders.

The new advice stresses that educational establishments should be making it clear to all pupils that sexual touching such as groping and harassment should never be tolerated and are not to be expected as merely an inevitable part of growing up.

Importantly the advice also highlights the fact that often those who perpetrate inappropriate sexual behaviours need support too and may be victims of abuse and trauma themselves.

The guidance further highlights the potential impact of social media in facilitating the spread of rumours and furthering the harassment of the victim or of dangers of identifying victims and perpetrators when allegations are made.

The Government expresses the need for a ‘whole school approach’ to help change the culture in school…

To read the guidance click here…Sexual_Harassment_and_Sexual_Violence_-_Advice

However, we have known for sometime of the issues – which is why last year’s Youth Conference   “One Thing Always Leads to Another”was focused on the topic of sexual harassment in schools… as part of the conference we asked young people how they thought schools could be made safer places for everyone. All the ideas and contributions from the day have contributed  to the design of a new Sexual Equality Charter that will be launched at 2018s Youth Conference… which incidentally will focus on Social media…

We seem to be right on the money with our picks of relevant topics for young people!

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