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Welcome to our new completely independent comprehensive primary programme.

We are living in very strange times…

For the past five years I have worked with Warwickshire County Council to support schools to deliver evidence based relationship education. Originally this was using the Dutch programme Spring Fever and then through their own tailored programme All About Me.

Disappointingly, Warwickshire County Council have made the difficult decision to no longer fund the programme. This was always a possibility, as no local authority has a statutory duty to provide a programme to its schools – instead the obligation lies with the schools themselves.

We have been truly lucky to have a local authority that saw the value in providing children with a solid foundation in healthy relationships and safeguarding and were willing to pay for it.

I have had the privilege to work with many schools across the county and further afield: training teachers to deliver the programme; talking to governors and supporting parents… and will continue to do so.

As a result I have spent my lock-down experience pulling together my own independent programme that is now available. 

The new programme has been organised to tightly align with the new statutory guidance. I have organised the curriculum around the DfE learning objectives for Relationship Education:

  • Families and people who care for me
  • Caring Friendships
  • Respectful Relationships
  • Online Relationship
  • Being Safe

And also included:

  • Mental Wellbeing
  • Internet Safety and Harms
  • Changing Adolescent Body

from the Health Education curriculum too.  Furthermore, because I know many schools see the value of introducing very basic sex education – answering the inevitable question from little ones: where do babies come from? I have also included age appropriate lessons to tackle the topic head on, as recommended by the DfE guidance. 

The programme includes a spiral curriculum of lessons that cover all of the statutory guidance in an age appropriate and inclusive manner. Some of the content will feel very familiar and some is brand new. 

Now there is far more freedom to deliver the programme in a way that befits your school. The programme is not designed to be delivered over a single week – but can be drip fed through the year or by topic. 

As always with everything I offer – the programme comes with lots of support and guidance. I have been adding lots of online learning and guidance to ensure that all those schools that have delivered All About Me are ready to go and will not need to pay for extra training – although there will be support on offer as part of the package.

Unfortunately, it does mean that the programme can no longer be supplied free of charge. The programme will be offered on an annual subscription basis.  

Schools will pay an annual subscription of £150 which buys you the complete programme, with all of the material from Reception through to Year 6. You will have access to all the online training and guidance – including many ‘How-to‘ videos around things like working with parents, ground rules, and answering children’s questions appropriately, monthly webinars.

To support the programme I will still offer:

  • whole school training for teachers, support staff and governors
  • online 1-2-1 mentoring for teachers
  • parent meetings
  • on going support

If you are interested in the purchasing the new programme or to find out more click below.

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