We have been running a Relationship and Sex Education (RSE) programme across Warwickshire schools for over 5 years. From working closely with all our schools, listening to feedback from staff, parents and the young people that received the lessons, we decided the time had come to update the programme and make some changes. 

We have been working very hard behind the scenes to rewrite the entire programme, incorporating much of the learning and evidence we have accumulated over the last five years, as well as making sure it meets the new statutory requirements released from the DfE.

The All About Me was commissioned by Warwickshire County Council’s Respect Yourself Team and is free to access for all schools in Warwickshire .

However, we want to offer support to ensure that all children have access to comprehensive, positive RSE, based on evidence and good practice. Therefore, Warwickshire has agreed to make the programme available to schools outside of Warwickshire too, although there would be a charge for this.

As part of the programme we offer an information session for school governors; comprehensive training for teaching staff to ensure they feel confident to deliver the classroom materials and most importantly to answer children questions. In addition, we offer policy advice and have written a new RSE template document to ensure all schools have a policy that is up to date and supports both children and teachers. Finally, we offer information and support to ensure parents understand the programme – and what age appropriate RSE looks like at primary. Went only explain what we teach and why, but also how they can support the programme and their child by carrying on positive messages at home.

Furthermore, we have added special pages dedicated to the programme here on our website full of information and support.

Here you will find information on all the lessons we deliver across the programme in every year group in our lesson grid. But in addition there is lots of background information about the programme, including why we believe this work is so important, and demystifying what Relationship and Sex Education (RSE) looks like at Primary. There is also a section with more details of how we talk to young people about particular key topics, including advice around good practice for how to continue these conversations at home. A detailed Library list of recommended books around many topic to help offer additional support to children.

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