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Spring Fever, our primary school programme is set for a big change as it becomes All About Me…

Previously published on July 2018

All about me

You may be aware that we have been supporting schools to deliver the Spring Fever programme across the county for over 5 years and it has been well received by schools, parents, and most importantly the children. 

In September we are set to have over 100 schools running the programme across all year groups from reception to year 6. However, any programme that has been running for a length of time needs a spring clean… 

We are pleased to announce we have just updated the entire programme, which will be available for all existing schools to deliver from September.

the gang

The most obvious change will be the name.  We will be dropping the confusing title of Spring Fever and replacing it with All About Me.

The new programme will still be based on the same ethos and evidence that supported the old Spring Fever material; however, we have the opportunity to incorporating much of the learning and evidence we have accumulated over the last five years.

Indeed, we have tied in much stronger links and reinforcement of the Key Messages from Warwickshire’s Protective Behaviours – Taking Care Programme and the NSPCC Pants rules.

The most exciting development will be a website especially designed to support parents and carers. Here they will find information about the programme, including information on every lesson delivered, samples of resources, as well as a section of FAQ to offer advice and to help answer their children’s questions, plus a list of helpful books.

Despite the fact the programme is a relationships and sex education programme, there is still very little ‘sex’in the programme – and these lessons are surrounded by information around healthy relationships, self-esteem and emotional literacy. Indeed, one key change we have made is that all the lessons are pupil led, ensuring that children are only told the information they are ready for.

Finally, we know that by giving children this information, building on simple messages, year after year we can ensure that children grow up safe, with healthy relationships, better able to manage their emotions and most importantly to ask for help when they feel they need it.

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